So I said that I was going to document my workouts (running, yoga, climbing, exercises).  I’ll try to do my best at posting, but it comes to a point where you feel like you have done enough to maintain your physique and not needing to push your limits too far.  I think once I get back on the rock and realize I lack in a particular area of strength (not technique) I will work toward building more muscle by doing exercises using body weight and free weights, isolating particular fibers and tissues.

Last week I worked abs (all on the ground):

  • 3 sets of 15 Jack Knife movements alternating balance ball from between feet to hands
  • V-shape with 10 lb medicine ball twists until I couldn’t handle it anymore
  • Bicycle kicks with alternating elbows to knees
  • Oblique V-ups 20 times each side or until I couldn’t take the burn any longer
  • Try some of these
Also I worked Chest and Triceps with:
  • Approx 100 Push-ups
  • Inclined Butterfly press at 15lbs each hand
  • Tricep push with extended legs and hands behind me on a bench
  • Tricep pull down using v-shape handle bars at 50 lbs
  • Incline bench press for upper chest with increasing weights 95-105-115 lbs and 8 reps each
But before I did all that, I ran on a treadmill for a mile, approx 10 mins, stretched quads, hamstrings, calves, lats, obliques, triceps and chest.
Then when I had enough of the gym, I crossed over into the bouldering wall and worked on technique and warmed up on V0’s to V3’s.  Today, I will work on back and biceps.  I’ll post what I did.

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