Todays workout: Back, Biceps and Forearms

Today I want to share what I ate, my exercise routine, and experience at the gym. (I wish I had a camera to show pictures, but words will have to do for now..)

This morning I started my day off with a bowl of Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch cereal, a scoop of peanut butter, a sprinkling of dried pomegranate bits, half a banana, and a cup of milk.  I couldn’t eat it all, it was so filling.  Next time I will decrease the portion.  After I submitted my resume in response to a job opening as an Energy Auditor around 12pm, I went to the gym.

After a short 10 minute run on the treadmill, I stretched my legs with forward bends, quad stretches, and calf stretches.  Swinging my arms out from a hugging myself to clapping my hands behind my back, I loosened up my arms, chest, and back.  I then proceed to the free weights and cable cross machine.  This may or may not be in order, I didn’t pay attention to closely to how I wrote these notes:

Bicep Curls using Olympic Style Economy EZ Curl Bar: [65lb-10x; 65lb-10x; 75lb-8x]
Row using Cable Cross: [70lb-15x; 80lb-10x; 90lb-12x]
Low Back Extensions on a Roman Chair: [no weight-15x; 10lb-12x; 20lb-7x]
Free-weight Row Left then Right: [20lb-12x; 25lb-12x; 30lb-12x]
Bicep Curl using Cable Cross: [70lb-12x; 80lb-7x;70lb-9x]
Forearm Curl resting arms on bench: [45lb-12x; 55lb-10x; 60lb-10x]
Bend over and Row 1 dumbbell each hand: [25lb-12x; 30lb-12x; 35lb-10x]
Forearm free-weight twist, hold, and curl: [10lb and 15 lbs until I couldn’t handle the burn any longer]

This workout took about 1.5 hours.  I didn’t do any pull-ups today because after the first 4 exercises, I couldn’t even do one.  Usually I can get in 7-10 reps in a set of 3 when I’m fresh, but today I figure a change up isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I picked up this tip of coupling Biceps and Back into a single workout due to the complimentary association and connection between muscles and movement.

I climbed some new bouldering problems Earth Treks Columbia put in today.  I maybe spent an hour working on the rock, cooled down with leg and back stretches and called it a day.

When I got home I ate scrambled egg and left over rotisserie chicken for protein and a cup of white rice.  2 glasses of water instead of diet soda.  Also, I’ve been drinking Jasmine Tea while responding to and reading emails and snooping around news sites.

My back is tired from sitting up straight in front of the computer, I should give it a rest.  Tomorrow I’ll tone up with Vinyasa Flow.

Happy exercising!


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