Morning Run and a Quick Climb + Abs

This morning turned out to be perfect for a run in the park.  Last night it rained and I could hear thunder striking furiously originating a couple miles away.  The sky was clear, the sun was warm, and the fallen precipitation was evaporating away as the morning drew on.  I drove to Rockburn Branch Park around 8 or 9am and found a corner to park my car.  This place has a great Disc Golf course and I decided to run around it on nearby trails.  The trails were semi-muddy, but not bad at all considering the storm that swept through the Baltimore-area yesterday.  I ran for 35 minutes, stretched for 15, and then drove home for breakfast. [Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1% milk, half a banana, Tbs of PB, topped with honey and dried pomegranate bits]

I still felt like I had more energy to burn so I headed to Earth Treks Columbia for a short session in the cave.  I realized that I’ve hit a plateau and there needs to be more strength building in my grip, forearms, and deltoids.  My legs are heavy and I need more upper body strength to move it more effectively.  An hour passes and I’m beat.  I head into the weight room and decide I want to work abs.  So I start with medicine ball ab twists, then to jack knife, bicycle crunches, regular and side planks, crunchy frogs, and oblique v-ups.  Finally, I tell myself that’s enough after abs.   Later this week I’ll work on is pulls ups, and other upper body exercises.  Cheers!


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