Updates: Exercise Regiment Reevaluation and Job Hunt

It has been days since I have updated this blog.  The blend has been a bit bland lately due to a recent illness I had beginning last week.  I wouldn’t say it was the flu, a cold, or a virus, but a case of over-straining my body.  Last week I ran, climbed/lifted, and did yoga in the span of three days.  On the fourth day my body hated me and I began to feel aches and pains throughout my back, neck, and shoulders, which eventually spread to my entire body.  I was in pain and tried to sleep it off, it didn’t work.  I tried Nyquil, Orange Juice, and Mucinex—they helped a little, but the pains returned.  At that point I realized I have been over-doing it and I had to rest for 4+ days.  Now that I have experienced the consequences of exceeding my body’s limit, I can better gauge the extent of my daily and weekly exercise routine.  To prevent this from happening again I will limit the number of activities I do in a week, space them out, and give myself at least one rest day per week.  I realized I was doing too much and I need to slow it down.  I’ve become semi-addicted to fitness, but I can’t let that get out of control.

Job Updates:

I have successfully obtained a job as a Ropes Course Guide at Terrapin Adventures!  I’ve always looked up to these kinds of people when I was a teenager at summer camp and wanted to be like them (working outside, being laid back, knowledgeable and able to create and play group games).  So now I have the opportunity to hold this position and play this role—I like the job so far.  I work part-time and I am learning the ropes quickly as I get thrown into assisting group leaders in activities (zip line, high ropes course, big swing, and the tower).  I enjoy this job because I get to be outside, work with my hands, and use my skills to help others build self-confidence and communication skills.  The ages I worked with ranged between 12 and 50+ which was a nice shift of pace throughout the day.  Saturday was my second day on the job and the busiest day the company has ever seen (10 groups in one day).  Considering that there was another trainee on board that day, I think our team of guides did a good job holding it together.  This month will be interesting as I further explore my abilities to handle this job.

In other job news, I am currently waiting a call back from the Maryland Department of the Environment.  They are seeking to fill a Natural Resources Planner I vacancy and encouraged me to send them an application with 3 professional references, and an optional resume (which, of course, I included in the package).  I sent them the listed materials a week before the deadline on May 2nd, so, within the next few weeks I am expecting a call.  This position is with the Air and Radiation Division and job duties include gathering, analyzing, and interpreting compliance/enforcement data for review and suggest solutions to the team.  Hopefully, I will interview with them sooner than later.

I also have two jobs lined up that have deal with my BPI Certification.  However, the call back that I got from “Energy Performance Company” is doing most of their energy audits in Delaware and I am not so sure if the cost/benefit scale tips in my favor.  And a solar company, Solar Energy World, might be able to use me in their energy auditing department or train me to install PV modules.  We will see how my schedule works with their plans.

It is great to have all these options at my fingertips.  I worked tirelessly to obtain these leads, kept my phone on, responded to emails, and took the first steps in communicating my desires to work and be part of a team.  It takes more than one person to get everything moving, therefore, I think it is imperative to stay alert and watchful for opportunities.  All of these opportunities sprung within a couple weeks of each other.  All that hard work in the beginning paid off and now the challenge is to juggle and maintain.


2 thoughts on “Updates: Exercise Regiment Reevaluation and Job Hunt

  1. Abhik

    Dude! GOOD JOB(s)!!! Really excited and happy for you! Great position(s) where you can help the community reach hard to reach environmental objectives. Pretty amazing…


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