Variety Pack from Butternuts Brewery

I picked up a variety pack by Butternuts Brewery from The Perfect Pour (my favorite beer store in the area), and was delighted to try 4 of their delicious beers.  This brewery is located in Garrattsville, New York and their website can be found here.  My most favorite out of the four would be the Moo Thunder Stout, then the Heinnieweisse Wiessbier, followed by the Snapperhead IPA, and finally the Porkslap Pale Ale.

I usually am big fan of IPA’s, but this one doesn’t have the hoppiness I was expecting.  The Snapperhead has hints of caramel and fruitiness, backed up by a thick, bready malt with a creamy texture which goes down quite smooth, finally leaving you with a sour palate and a grassy-herbal aroma.  Easy to drink but may not be what you’re looking for in an ideal American IPA.

The stout poured thick with a dark brown color maintaining a medium-low, java colored head.  Not too watered down, had a rich aroma with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.  This dark brew was easy on the alcohol taste which brought forth the creamy textures and finished smooth.

I love Wiessbier and this was my first one in a can.  Not bad.  Pour slightly cloudy, nice fruity notes with appropriate carbonation.  Not much of an aftertaste.  Enjoy on a spring evening or summer night.

The Pale Ale was good, but something about it wasn’t pale enough for me.  It might be the malt that is throwing me off.  I was expecting more hops, more bitterness, but it was subdued by something else.  Can’t quite put words to it.  Definitely try it out.


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