“Don’t spend it on Fatburger…”

Reluctantly I drove away after seeing the Fatburger joint today, even though I wanted to get a their signature burger with a 1/3 lb big, juicy, tasty burger so bad.  I kept telling myself, as I get farther from the entrance doors , “Don’t spend it on Fatburger, don’t spend it on Fatburger…” because, I think to myself, I should save the little money I make rather than spend it on eating out.   There was a point of spontaneity that was suppressed and I want to recognize that restraint is present in my decision making.  Not only does this exercise my observational skills, but this choice to deny will also prove beneficial in the long term.  While working toward achieving positive  fitness goals I look for work and opportunities to start out some kind of career (its tough to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life).  So in the long term, if I continue to buy only things I need rather than the things I want, then I can benefit in preparation for the next more meaningful purchase.  However, when I come to a point of celebration, a Fatburger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato will be in order.


3 thoughts on ““Don’t spend it on Fatburger…”

  1. farrylbeach

    Wisdom from someone with more years under their belt….life (at least mine so far) is a series of phases. Putting the pressure of deciding what to do for the “rest of your life” can make deciding very difficult and overwhelming. Whatever makes you feel good and positive right now is a good basis for a career choice. As time goes on, we go through changes and if your job doesn’t reflect your interests down the road, then it’s ok to seek out something new.

    One other thing in response… I live by the motto EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!!! Well, almost everything. There are certain things out there that warrant overindulgence 😉 Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend!

    1. Bryan Post author

      Thank you Farryl! I can’t help but to analyze my options and hope that I make the right choices. I agree, almost everything in moderation 🙂

  2. Eddie

    Postponing gratification is a skill that takes work, but elevates your enjoyment of something so much more later on. Applicable to burgers and other aspects of life. Cheers!


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