Yards Brewing Co. – Brawler Pugilist Style Ale


Brawler 6 pack

I had the pleasure of sampling four crafted beers at the Perfect Pour’s weekly tasting event. The Philadelphia, PA-based representative began the tasting with the lighter 4.2% ABV Brawler’s Ale. It was malt-rich, smooth in texture and had hints of caramel mixed in with it’s lightly carbonated quality. He then moved on to their Pale Ale (4.6%), which I’ve tried before–it has a hoppy bitterness and a pretty golden color. Next was the Extra Special Ale with robust flavors and high carbonation at a warm 6.0%. Lastly, he poured me my favorite style of beer, an Indian Pale Ale, loaded with hops grown in the UK and a solid malt background and plenty of aromas to sniff around–this one stands at a deceiving 7.0%.

I decided to take home the Brawler because it had a pleasant malt flavor that was not overwhelmed with extraneous spices or aromas. It was down to the point, straight forward, and light enough to go for a couple rounds and still maintain composure. An all around good drink.

Anyway, try Yards Brewing Co. for your next chill session with good friends and good conversation. It was perfect to enjoy after a long week of work and busying about.  Prost!


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