The Journey Begins 09.12.10

Page I

Phone, wallet, keys… oh wait, I don’t need keys on this trip.  I’m all set.  I checked my oversized pack under the plane—something I was hesitant to do—and took the necessities: a book to read, a grip toy, deck of cards, the smartphone, all important documents, and my comfy, compressible pillow.  Looking at my Apple headphones, I thought to myself, “this is not going to be enough bass.”  Last night, I downloaded a whole bunch of Dubstep to my Palm knowing that I will need a Soundtrack to accompany me on this trip.  So I went to Brookstone and picked out a pair of ear buds.  Thunder Bass was the name of the product and it lived up to its name.

As I look around me at Gate D12, I notice mostly older folk and 1 or 2 female travelers, 2 young guys sit next to me, also on their way to Newark NJ.  I have not left anywhere yet, but I feel like I am already gone.  There will be many interactions with strangers and few of them will become more than acquaintances, maybe even friends.  But I am not on this journey to be friends with everyone.  I am not going out to expect something amazing or spectacular.  The fact that I am travelling alone to another part of the world is phenomenal in itself.  And to have friends and family to wish me luck and support me on my endeavors is a blessing.  Constant reminders: Take Your time.  Observe patiently.  Be open.  Be considerate.  Watch your step.  Breathe.  Be yourself.  B. Lee.

Page II

I walk into the gate to the plane heading for Newark and I’m surprised to find myself outside.  A 20 row puddle jumper looks a bit unnerving, but I proceed to the door so I don’t get anymore wet.  I finally find my seat and attempt to find comfort in the little space the plane provides.  A tall man walks up behind me, who also looks very cramped, signals to me that his seat is next to mine.  I comment on the literature he was reading.  It was an article from the Journal of Craniomandibular such and such and then I said, “I remember reading a bunch of those in college” –I meant journal articles in general.  He asked me if I studied Tourette’s syndrome.  But I quickly realized that I didn’t specify what it was that I remembered about his article.  He ended up being a college professor at Washington University in Seattle.  We talk about Tourette’s and about how a certain nerve near the joint of the human mandible and how a pinched nerve leads to motion disorders; what a smart guy.  We have great conversation leading into my travels and where I will be going.  I tell him, “I’m going to Munich for Oktoberfest and he suggests I learn German phrases if I am planning on performing street performances and make some euros.  I think of a great act.


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