The Wong Residence

This photo set is of my mother’s home in Maryland.  She has worked so hard to make this a reality and she had a very talented contractor design and build everything you see in the photographs.  From the crown molding to the cherry oak hard wood floors, Mark Chan remodeled this home bringing a  contemporary feel into a 2,100 sq ft space.  He promotes simplicity and elegance in his design with a theme of square lines along the walls and curves in the furnishings.  The basement presents itself as an entertaining space with a bar and various lighting options.  Rearrange the seating as needed as this space can be converted into a theater, an open area for interactive video games, or keep it as it is for great conversation.  The bar and the bathroom in the basement used be closet space.  Walls were knocked down to and molding was installed giving the space a more functional purpose.  Chan worked closely with my mom to deliver a beautifully designed custom home that will withstand the test of time.

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Photos by: Bryan Lee


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