Change.  Breathe.  Control your mind.  Believe that everything will be fine, because it will.  Adapt.  Listen.  Observe.  Notice.  Wait.  Patience.  Breathe.  Be honest—to others and yourself.  Try to be understanding with others.  Breathe.  Let the lies go.  Express yourself, but when is the time right?  When will that be?  When is it appropriate to let others know what is on your mind?  Consider the consequences and are you willing to accept the results?  Coincidences will occur.  Will it be different now that you know what you want with your life?  Do you want to stand up and speak with conviction about your desires?  Are you ready to change?  You speak with truth as your foundation but do you have the nerve to follow through?  Ask many questions and may it lead you to finding the answer.  Short phrases have much meaning.  The more you say, the less you have.  Keep what is yours and share what is not.  People are not yours to have, neither are the words that are spoken.  Thoughts will wander and people will wonder what they represent.  It is possible that they mean absolutely nothing, but they could be the ideas that motivate you to chase what you desire the most.  When the stars align, there must be some action that is taken, whether it is mental rearrangement or physical meditation.  Contradiction.  Eliminate.  Patience.  Breathe.  Relax.  Harness.  Release.  Slow down.  Tranquilo.  Lo mismo.  Es diferente.  Yo creo que el tiempo es ahora por action.  Make it work.  Work for what you desire.  Desire truth, honesty, and peace.  Peace only comes after war.  War can be internal or physical.  Physical attraction may be the first impetus for action.  Act upon your beliefs or else you will die.  Die for the morals you hold high.  High places—mentally or materially—can only be if you have reached  a low point.  Point yourself into a new direction if you feel it is right.  Right, left, back forwards; we should only look at the present and think about the future.  Future has not happened yet, so live in the now.  Now, just breathe.  Dance.  Connect.  Stretch.  Sit.  Love the Self.  Believe.  Faith in the universe.


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