Geekin’ out with my smart phone

So, I was a bit of a nerd today. Instead of going outside and enjoying this great summer weather I stayed in to fiddle with my smartphone. For the passed 2 weeks my phone has been bugging me to update it. Since I rooted it to allow for wi-fi tethering, the update from Verizon wouldn’t work. It gave me this dead android icon with a question mark coming out of its opened chest. I didn’t wanna mess with it even more after that because altering system files can fux it all up. So I found this web site on youtube. He has almost a hundred or so videos posted on his page and provides the necessary files you need to customize your phone! GENIUS!

After a couple hours of reading, validating sources, and troubleshooting, I end up with really cool features that customize the interface and functionality. I’m excited that I can still do this sort of thing. Its been a while since I’ve geeked out and got into electronics and computing for more than 20 minutes. The ROM that I installed can be found here: . He gives you everything you need and goes through the installation process.

I don’t recommend everyone doing this. Some people can work with their phones just fine so they should leave it be, especially if you dont have experience with computer processes. It’s well worth the research if you can be as picky as me!


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