Geekin’ out with Gadgetry

I’m so excited to receive my new laptop in a few days.  For weeks I have been researching different laptops and I decided that I wanted a MacBook Pro.  Friends have told me that refurbished MBPs are the way to go.  They’re cheaper, fully inspected, and protected under the Apple Care plan.  The one I scored was a 13.3″ MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Dual Core i7 750GB SATA HD 4GB DDR3 RAM and Intel 3000 graphics.  I knew that I wanted more speed to back up the processing power so I can move between heavy applications like CS, LR, and ArcGIS.  After some research I decided to buy the 8GB Kit by Kingston on Amazon (  It is compatible with the Late 2011 Version of MBP and has a $10.00 Coupon!  $37 for memory and $5 for a screwdriver to open up the sucker up is WAY better than paying some $200 for Apple to pop these cards in.  The installation instructions are on the apple website and can be found here (

Anyways, I had to get a feel for the Apple product because I was a PC my entire life up until this point.  I always was skeptical of assimilating to Apple’s idiosyncrasies, but after I went to the Apple Store at the mall, I was able to experience the beauty of this product.  I love how simple, elegant, and solid the design of the laptop is expressed on the inside and out.  I confess, I was a hater, but now I’m a lover.  It will take time for me to get used to all the gestures, short cuts, and the work flow of a Mac.  The subtle, yet intuitive, track pad gestures save time, reduce stress, and will amaze if you know how to work it.  I wanted a computer that will last about 5 years, powerful, low maintenance, with long battery life.  I hope this one will do just that.

Check out this awesome machine:

To take away:  research Refurbished MacBooks before buying new!  You just might find what you need at a lower cost.  Call Apple’s phone number, they will answer your questions and help you with payment and maintain personalized contact while your laptop is being shipped.  I’m happy with their customer service in the store and over the phone.


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