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I want to use this site to keep track of what I find interesting and important to my life. I'm interested in all that is green, fitness, healthy living, craft beer, and the outdoors.

I love SoundCloud

After a great birthday weekend full of great music, dancing, and people, I have been actively searching the internet for the best dance music out there.  SoundCloud has been one of the main resources I have found that really delivers the sounds I seek.

SoundCloud has this option which suggest groups to follow based on your recent plays.  Here is one that I found that has that sound I looovee:


Burning Man 2013 Music Guide

There was so much good music at burning man this year.  I was pleasantly grateful to be amongst amazing DJs, musicians, and artists.  The music tied it all together for me in the end.  That is why I must document and archive this great resource to artists that were spinning on the playa–I must be able to connect to their music wherever I am.


Today’s Workout Track

EarbudsI went into the gym today determined to get a decent workout in.  After the holiday break (Thanksgiving to New Years) I am left with 8 more pounds than I wanted.  Mix in a busy schedule of grad school finals, work, and travelling from here to there I hardly had time to make it to the climbing gym I enjoy so much.  It is a new year and it’s a perfect time for a fresh start.

For those that don’t already know I love good electronic music.  A blend of electro, hip-hop beats, cleverly utilized vocal samples are what I needed on the treadmill today.  I’d like to share this track with you so that you can have as much fun on the treadmill as I did today.  (If it were just a little warmer this evening I would have gone outside to run, but alas, it’s January.)

I downloaded this mp3 from months back and decided I needed a good 20-minute mixtape to keep me going.  You can download the track here:  MiMOSA’S FUTURE TRiLL MiX 2012 v2 (note: contains explicit content).

Seared Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Seared Brussel Sprouts with Bacon | @Teavolve | B.LEE iMAGERY

Delicious dish at Teavolve in Baltimore, MD.  Nice green color, not overdone, just enough bacon, seared to perfection.  Once I laid eyes on these veggies I knew it was going to be good–and it was.

Sunset in Japan

Sunset in Japan | Taken at Disney’s Epcot | B.LEE iMAGERY

I took this shot when I saw the sunset and the lamp in the foreground.  The reflections from the water texturized the scene and the silhouette of the trees somehow make you believe you could really be in Japan–for the sun sets the same everywhere in the world.

Brick, Mortar, and Rust

Brick, Mortar, and Rust | Catonsville, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

Time passes and all will fade.
Even I will wrinkle and peel like the paint you see portrayed.
I may think I can stay strong and resolute,
but my appearance will crack and falter as it’s destined to.
Even while built on solid foundations of brick and concrete,
we can’t stand forever upon our own two feet.
All we can do now is forgive, love, and trust,
because in the end, all that will be left is brick, mortar, and rust.

– Brick, Mortar, and Rust –
– B.Lee –