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Brick, Mortar, and Rust

Brick, Mortar, and Rust | Catonsville, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

Time passes and all will fade.
Even I will wrinkle and peel like the paint you see portrayed.
I may think I can stay strong and resolute,
but my appearance will crack and falter as it’s destined to.
Even while built on solid foundations of brick and concrete,
we can’t stand forever upon our own two feet.
All we can do now is forgive, love, and trust,
because in the end, all that will be left is brick, mortar, and rust.

– Brick, Mortar, and Rust –
– B.Lee –


Metallic Lines

Metallic Lines | Baltimore, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

Captured by the colors of blues from the sky and mirrors and earth tones and highlights warmed by the changing leaves I stood and admired the lines that were created as I stood before the bridge platform.  Images like these encourage me to search for more opportunities to seek more beautiful views.


I thought this was interesting.  I heard the story talking about it on NPR.  They told me to go to for pictures.  I had to take a look:

Nigeria house made of bottles (Photo: Sam Olukoya/BBC)

They claim that these bottles, stuffed with sand, are more durable than brick.  The collection of these bottles reduce the amount of litter waste in the the local community and can be a profitable venture for those who collect.  Great idea in recycling and reusable products.  Bryan approves!




Alemanys 5

I’m not sure how to present the art I see on the internet.  Websites like and do a really nice job posting photos and info snippets.  I really enjoy looking at interior design spaces and gathering ideas on what I would like to see in my own home one day.  But for now I will be a dreamer and collect images and ideas on this website for now.

I found this rental space which is located in Girona, Spain.  I love the mixture of subtly integrated, clean lines in the furnishings with the rugged and coarse textures of the walls.  It is interesting how this combination gives the space a rustic feel, splashed with sophistication.  Additionally, I am partial to the natural-toned color scheme and the presence of the old stone.  This is Alemanys 5: