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I love SoundCloud

After a great birthday weekend full of great music, dancing, and people, I have been actively searching the internet for the best dance music out there.  SoundCloud has been one of the main resources I have found that really delivers the sounds I seek.

SoundCloud has this option which suggest groups to follow based on your recent plays.  Here is one that I found that has that sound I looovee:


Burning Man 2013 Music Guide

There was so much good music at burning man this year.  I was pleasantly grateful to be amongst amazing DJs, musicians, and artists.  The music tied it all together for me in the end.  That is why I must document and archive this great resource to artists that were spinning on the playa–I must be able to connect to their music wherever I am.


new music: AM & Shawn Lee – Celestial Electric

I love these guys’ sound.  Solid beats and breaks with a rhythm that makes me want to slip into a dream of sun rays dancing off the clouds.  Good to listen to while folding clothes, chillin’ on a cushion, or when feeling lifted on a  high.  My favorites are “City Boy,” “Dark into Light,” and “Lonely Life.” Enjoy!