Whiskey Flight

Whiskey Flight at The Pub | Taken at Disney’s Epcot | B.LEE iMAGERY

We got to taste 3 kinds of single malt whiskey: not so old, kinda old, and really old.  The longer the spirit sits in the barrel, the more oaky and woodsy aromas are embellished in its flavors.  I think the oldest was 14 years in the cask and I could hardly finish this 1.5 ounce elixir.  I really love whiskey as a sipping drink, but for my taste buds at 26 years old, I will go with the 8 year old scotch and a smooth cigar while talking with friends on politics, philosophy, and the meaning of time.  Cheers to good health.


Metallic Lines

Metallic Lines | Baltimore, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

Captured by the colors of blues from the sky and mirrors and earth tones and highlights warmed by the changing leaves I stood and admired the lines that were created as I stood before the bridge platform.  Images like these encourage me to search for more opportunities to seek more beautiful views.

The Boutique Closet

I found this on this new website i found called Houzz.  I love the pictures here of well designed spaces.  Especially this one of a contemporary closet with dark wood tones and metal accents throughout the space.  The lighting in the cabinetry really sets the tone of this space.  Check this site out!

Colores de la Ciudad

Taken on 10.13.12 in Baltimore, MD at the intersection of President St. and Fleet St. | B.LEE iMAGERY

I saw this shot and the sun was setting at just the right angle to bounce off these hues of purple and pinks.  I liked how it mixed in with the deep greens that you see just before the leaves turn yellow in the fall time.  The city was moving and I was moving with it.  This was a great day for a walk in the city.

Lake Whetstone Panorama

Taken 10.24.12 at Whetstone Lake in Montgomery Village, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

I remember my family would take me here as a child.  As you can tell it was a beautiful morning and I decided to stop.  I parked my car and I remember this dock being so much bigger.  There were 2 children playing–just I was when I was their age–and they too had a chance to feed the geese.  I wish I knew where that photo of me feeding the geese on this very lake was so that I can show what little B.LEE looked like.  It was surreal revisiting this place–surreal.

Baltimore Harbor

Taken 10.13.12 Baltimore, Harbor | B.LEE iMAGERY

It was a gorgeous autumn evening walking around the harbor.  The water was beautifully blue and this boat captured my eye.  Looking at this scene with the city backdrop and the cruising yacht made me compose quickly before the boat sputtered away.