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Sunset in Japan

Sunset in Japan | Taken at Disney’s Epcot | B.LEE iMAGERY

I took this shot when I saw the sunset and the lamp in the foreground.  The reflections from the water texturized the scene and the silhouette of the trees somehow make you believe you could really be in Japan–for the sun sets the same everywhere in the world.


Metallic Lines

Metallic Lines | Baltimore, MD | B.LEE iMAGERY

Captured by the colors of blues from the sky and mirrors and earth tones and highlights warmed by the changing leaves I stood and admired the lines that were created as I stood before the bridge platform.  Images like these encourage me to search for more opportunities to seek more beautiful views.

Baltimore Harbor

Taken 10.13.12 Baltimore, Harbor | B.LEE iMAGERY

It was a gorgeous autumn evening walking around the harbor.  The water was beautifully blue and this boat captured my eye.  Looking at this scene with the city backdrop and the cruising yacht made me compose quickly before the boat sputtered away.